Brewed with Love. Served with Pride.


Our Story

A Song of Malt and Hops

La Jara Brewing Company began as a homebrewing hobby for life-long friends Derek Johnstone and Jason Sullivan. The immediate goal was to brew beers that would pique Derek’s father’s (Randolph) interest in craft beer and expand his appreciation for what lager beer can be. It didn’t take long for “Pops” to set down his trusty mass-market brew for one of our ever-growing list of seasonal beers.

Brewed with Love. Served with Pride

This fascination and appreciation quickly escalated into a passion for together crafting lagers and ales of the highest quality using local and regional ingredients. This process and attention to detail has translated into great success in both local and national homebrewing competitions. With the process and techniques affirmed they have set their sights on bringing their passion, vision and love for brewing to the rest of the community.