Brewed with Love. Served with Pride.


Our Taproom

counter seating

Crafted from Top to Bottom

At La Jara Brewing we take great pride in having hand-crafted our ~1800 sq/ft Tasting Room. Our brewery family have built everything you see: the beautiful murals were painted by Danny, ‘Pops’ welded all the table frames, Jason fabricated all the wooden benches and vestibule, and Derek made the beer. From the glass wall that looks into the brewhouse to the sculpted wooden bar, our hands have left their mark.

Our approach isn’t the easy one but it allows us to pour all of our creativity into creating a space that now only is vibrant and appealing, but also has a soul.

Brewed with Love. Served with Pride

You will see this phrase used around the brewery. It means that we take great care in what we do and we are excited to share it with you. Come in, pull up a chair and take in the good vibes we are putting down. We’ve built this place to be an extension of our living room, so make yourself at home.